About Me


What I Do

I like working to solve big problems with technology. I manage high performance teams and build online products to help companies reach a variety of goals, from gaining better insight into their data to delivering compelling online brand experiences.

While I'm not a developer, I do have a technical background and dabble in code from time to time so I can always communicate well with technical teams. And I enjoy using my business training to make sure products are aligned with strategic goals.

Where I Am

I'm currently a technical consultant with Concannon Business Consulting based in LA, but you can often find me in other cities working on client projects as well.

Things I've Worked On

I can't share all of the cool things I've worked on because many of them are client confidential, but in addition to a host of functional requirements, technical writings, and analytics buildouts here are a few interesting projects I've managed or led:

Things I'm Good At

Project Management

I've been managing teams to deliver top-tier products experiences to both businesses and consumers for over five years. I'm a fan of Agile methodologies, especially Scrum.

Business Analysis

From hundred page requirements documents to detailed interface wireframes, I know how to find out what managers want and convert it into information engineers need.


I believe that data is a key element of good decision making, and am outstanding at surfacing the right data to address business needs in a format people can understand. I work with everything from SSRS and custom SQL databases to Google Analytics and ComScore.

Market Research and Analysis

As a consultant for over three years, part of my job has always been to monitor markets, track competitive offerings, create predictive models, and analyze user feedback to make sure products and services stay aligned with real-world demands.

Things I'm Interested In

Educational Games

My first game - Grow Your Garden

I think games can be used to encourage learning and boost early age education results at home and at school, so I make educational games for kids on mobile devices. You can take a look at my games here.


A picture from my time in China.

I've always been interested in China's role as business powerhouse, population center, and cultural icon. I spent over a year in China learning Mandarin, immersing myself in the culture, and working at a cross-cultural consulting company.


An excerpt from one of my shorts.

I enjoy taking a break from technical writing to write screenplays once in a while. I have authored several shorts and feature length scripts already, and continue to work on more in my free time.

Whiteboard Art

Some of my whiteboard art.

Sometimes whiteboards beg for more than flow charts, code, and checklists. When they do, I like to create whimsical artwork to liven up the office and hone my amateur art skills.

Want to get in touch with me?

Use the links at the top of the page. I'm always looking to meet new people and learn about what they're working on. If you think I might be a good candidate for a job opening, connect with me on LinkedIn and let's chat.